Motel One says ransomware gang stole customer credit card data

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Motel One says ransomware gang stole customer credit card data

Motel One, one of Europe’s largest hotel chains, has confirmed it was the target of a ransomware attack that saw hackers access customer data.

Motel One is a low-budget German hotel chain that operates 90 hotels across Europe and the United States.

The company said in a brief statement this week that it was the target of a “hacker attack” after a group of unknown perpetrators infiltrated its network with the intent of launching a ransomware attack.

While Motel One says the impact of the hack was kept to a “relative minimum” due to unspecified measures that the company took, it confirmed that attackers were able to access some customer data. According to Motel One, this includes address data and the details of 150 credit cards.

Motel One’s statement comes days after the company was listed on the dark web leak site of the ALPHV ransomware gang. The group claims to have stolen several terabytes of data from the company, including some customer information. TechCrunch has seen some of the data, which the ransomware gang alleges to be employee and some customer information.

Motel One spokesperson Inken Mende did not respond to TechCrunch’s questions. It’s not yet known how the company was compromised or how it purportedly thwarted the attack.

Motel One claims its business operations were “never at risk” due to the incident.

News of the Motel One attack comes weeks after MGM Resorts, which operates several hotels and casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, was targeted by Scattered Spider, a hacking group believed to be a subgroup of the ALPHV ransomware gang. MGM has yet to confirm whether the attack, which caused widespread disruption across its resorts, led to the compromise of customer data.

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