How MultiversX Is Bridging The Metaverse, AI, And Blockchain Under Ecosystem

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In the next three days, our team at NewsBTC will cover xDay 2023, an event organized by MultiversX in the Palace of Parliament, Romania. Formerly known as Elrond, the project rebranded in 2022 and focused on the Metaverse, one of the hottest trends in crypto.

Following The Trend, What To Look For At xDay 2023?

In addition to rebranding, the project launched new products, including a “Super App” called xPortal, to expand its ecosystem. The project founder and CEO, Beniamin Mincu, has been vocal about their attempts to provide “real” use cases and value to their users and foster a new financial system supported by blockchain, AI, the multiverse, and other technologies.

We went to xDay to explore how MultiversX works to achieve this goal and what makes this ecosystem unique. The event will begin today, October 19th, and will last three days to wrap up this upcoming Saturday, October 21.

Mincu told us in an exclusive statement:

xDay brings together builders, government officials, executives from major global companies and investors for 3 days of meaningful dialogues on the latest trends and advancements at the intersection of blockchain, AI, Metaverse and Web3. A great opportunity to build bridges across industries and uncover our latest innovations, products and strategic partnerships.

xDay 2023 EGLD EGLDUSDT MultiversX
MultiversX’s native token EGLD trends to the upside on the 1-hour chart. Source: EGLDUSDT on Tradingview

The Technological Renaissance Runs On The Blockchain

The event will be subdivided into chapters, with the first two chapters dedicated to discussing MultiversX and its ecosystem, its technical milestones, and the projects building on top of this network. Mincu and other vital members of MultiversX will take center stage.

In addition, the Romanian Minister of Energy, Sebastian Burduja, and the Romanian Minister of Economy, Stefan Radu, will talk about the potential for blockchain and crypto to drive innovation and growth in the country.

The third and fourth chapters of the event will focus on partnerships, with Daniël Rood, Head of Web3 at Google Cloud, Tobias Jung from Deutsche Telekom, Nikita Kharchenko from Amazon Web Services, and Liu Bin from Tencent Cloud taking over the stage.

These experts will discuss ways to drive global adoption of Web3, regulation, scalability, and interoperability across different sectors and regions. Representatives from Circle, Osmosis, Binance, KuCoin, Deloitte, Ledger, Trust Wallet, and others will speak about investment strategies, staking, security, and other relevant topics.

Finally, on the final day of the xDay 2023 event, new technologies and their integration with blockchain and crypto, such as Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse, will become the focus. Across the event, the community will have a voice as the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest becomes a place of dialogue. The CEO of MultiversX added:

A catalyst for bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3, this event plans to reignite European ambitions, marking the beginning of a technological Renaissance (…). Over the next 3 days, we’re diving deep. Expect hands-on demos, product unveilings right from this stage, firsthand accounts of our newest strategic partnerships, and spotlights of the most audacious grassroots projects from our vibrant ecosystem, that are turning heads and setting trends. But beyond the tech, beyond the unveilings, xDay is a forum for dialogue.

The event will be live-streamed via the project’s official channels. The event will become available for the worldwide crypto community a few days later.

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