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Solana (SOL) has witnessed an impressive resurgence, climbing to $25.46, marking a remarkable 10% rally in the past 24 hours. This surge is part of a broader trend, with SOL’s price experiencing a seven-day surge of 19.4%, further solidifying its position as one of the prominent players in the crypto sphere.

Solana’s remarkable journey to its current valuation is a testament to its resilience, especially considering the tumultuous events it weathered nearly a year ago. In November, the cryptocurrency faced a severe setback due to the FTX implosion saga, which sent SOL plummeting to $8. 

However, Solana has emerged from the ashes, and the crypto community is taking notice of its remarkable recovery.

Solana Technical Signals Point To A Bullish Momentum

The recent surge in SOL’s price can be attributed to several key factors. One notable driver is the increasing network activity and substantial growth within the Solana ecosystem, particularly in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi). 

The crypto world was offered a glimpse of this growth in a video shared by @Frankie_Candles, which shed light on the vibrant activity happening “behind the scenes” in the Solana ecosystem.

Notably, the total value locked in Solana’s DeFi smart contracts has seen a significant upswing, soaring from $210 million in January 2023 to $331 million in October, as reported by DefiLlama.

SOL TVL. Source: DefiLlama

Furthermore, Solana bulls have reinforced the bullish outlook by successfully maintaining support at the $25 mark and breaching the upper dotted falling trendline. 

The presence of a buy signal is often considered an encouraging sign for traders, reinforcing confidence in the cryptocurrency’s upward trajectory.

One key technical aspect to watch out for is the potential for a “golden cross.” A golden cross occurs when a short-term moving average crosses above a long-term moving average, typically signaling a possible bullish breakout. This could be a pivotal moment for Solana, as it may provide further confirmation of its bullish momentum.

SOL has a market cap of $11.26 billion as of today. Chart:

SOL Neckline Resistance

Another significant element to monitor on the charts is the possibility of Solana conquering the neckline resistance once again. The neckline resistance represents a critical point that acts as a threshold for bullish momentum.

Historically, breaking through this level has been a precursor to sustained uptrends, suggesting the potential for further gains in the near future. If Solana manages to achieve this, it will mark a strong resurgence, reaffirming its position as a strong force in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

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