Analysts Battle Over Cardano’s Next Move: 12,000% Rally Or 50% Crash?

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Analysts Battle Over Cardano’s Next Move: 12,000% Rally Or 50% Crash?

Crypto analysts have given varying opinions on the Cardano (ADA) future trajectory. One analyst predicts that the crypto token could enjoy an unprecedented price rally. On the other hand, another analyst holds a bearish view and predicts that Cardano could experience a significant price crash. 

Cardano To Enjoy A 12,000% Rally

In a post on Tradingview, crypto analyst Fiery Trading raised the possibility of Cardano rising to as high as $40 and even higher. The analyst highlighted a parallel channel and noted that Cardano could reach the top of this channel in the coming bull run, which would cause the crypto token to rise to $40. 


Fiery Trading admitted that Cardano rising to $40 is not a “likely outcome” but claimed that the risk-reward ratio is worth the risk. He added that Cardano’s current price is the “entry of a lifetime” and advised crypto investors not to miss out on it. 

In another post, Fiery Trading again hammered on Cardano’s current price level as an entry of a lifetime. He claimed that this entry is a “no-brainer” as long as Cardano keeps trading within that channel. Meanwhile, the crypto analyst highlighted more conservative price targets, pointing out $25 as another price level Cardano could reach, while he mentioned $3 as a target for “more defensive traders.”

ADA Could Drop To As Low As $0.24

Crypto analyst Swallow Premium gave a bearish outlook for ADA. He noted that the crypto token has finally broken the liquidity zone at around $0.40 and now risks dropping to as low as $0.24. The crypto analyst predicted that Cardano could drop to that price level within a week or two. 

However, crypto analyst Sebastian suggested that Cardano might not drop below its current price range. He stated that the dump was over and that Cardano and the broader crypto market should enjoy a bounce from their current price level. He noted that the magnitude of the bounce will determine whether or not there may be more downside for ADA. 

The crypto analyst further stated that the next move the market should look forward to is seeing higher lows and higher highs. He claimed that the next target for Cardano is $0.40 and that the crypto token needs to rise above it and stay there. 

Crypto analyst Trend Rider also noted that there are “quite a few bounce signals” on Cardano’s daily chart. He stated that Bitcoin needs to stop bleeding for ADA to recover. Bitcoin’s recent drop below $60,000 contributed to the significant declines that altcoins like Cardano experienced. 

At the time of writing, Cardano is trading at around $0.38, up almost 4% in the last 24 hours according to data from CoinMarketCap. 

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