Celsius Is Selling, More Pain For BNB, LINK, And SNX?

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Celsius, the bankrupt crypto lender, has started selling its non-Bitcoin and non-Ethereum crypto assets, records on July 17 indicate. According to on-chain data from Lookonchain, Celsius has transferred approximately $23.5 million of various cryptocurrencies, including BNB, ZRX, LINK, BONE, and SNX, to FalconX and OKX, respectively.

Different amounts of these tokens were transferred by Celsius, a move that, while it could be positive for creditors, may impact the token valuations of those projects.

Celsius Selling Altcoins 

Lookonchain revealed that Celsius moved $8.5 million worth of LINK, the native currency of Chainlink, a middleware protocol linking on-chain smart contracts to external but verified data. At the same time, it also moved $7.84 million worth of SNX, the native token of Synthetix, a protocol allowing users to trade derivatives called synths, was transferred.

Celsius also went on to move $3 million worth of BNB, the coin behind the sprawling Binance ecosystem, $2.26 million worth of 1INCH, the token aggregator, and $1.9 million worth of ZRX, the token behind one of the first decentralized finance platforms, Ox Protocol.

The bankrupt lender also moved $709,678 worth of FTT, the token behind the collapsed FTX exchange, to FalconX. In response, FalconX has started depositing these tokens to Binance for selling.

The only token moved to a different exchange was BONE, where Celsius moved $235,000 of the meme token to the popular cryptocurrency exchange, OKX.

While OKX caters to retail and institutional investors, FalconX serves institutional investors, offering diverse services, including liquidity provision and risk management. So far, a large tranche of tokens held by Celsius has moved through FalconX.

In late June, Judge Martin Glenn of the Southern District of New York allowed Celsius to start converting all their tokens to either Bitcoin or Ethereum, the two currencies that would be allowed to pay back creditors. All conversions were set to begin on July 1.

Altcoins Taking A Hit

The transfer also comes amid a favorable ruling that saw a US Judge say XRP, one of the major altcoins, is not a security and can be traded like a commodity, just like Bitcoin. However, even though news pumped altcoins, mostly XRP, momentum tapered during the weekend, and most altcoins fell back from last week’s highs.

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Among the impacted tokens included BNB, the native currency behind Binance, the world’s largest ecosystem. The coin currently oscillates within a $30 range as bears dominate price action. From the daily chart, BNB has resistance at $260 and is down over 30% from April 2023 highs. 

LINK and SNX are seeing similar price actions, both recording losses on the 24-hour chart. LINK is down 2.97% to be trading at $6.63, while SNX is nursing 3.94% losses, bringing its price to $2.64.

BNB price on July 17| Source: BNBUSDT on Binance, TradingView
BNB price on July 17| Source: BNBUSDT on Binance, TradingView

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