Twitter is prepping a job listings feature for verified organizations

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Twitter is prepping a job listings feature for verified organizations

Twitter appears to be prepping a feature that allows verified organizations on the platform to post job listings on their profiles. The social media giant has also created an official @TwitterHiring account, but hasn’t tweeted anything from it yet.

Although Twitter hasn’t officially announced the job postings feature yet, some verified organizations have already been able to post job listings under their Twitter bios on their profiles. The job listings take interested applicants directly to the company’s website, where they can learn more about the position and submit an application.

An image depicting Twitter's new job postings feature

Image Credits: Twitter/Screenshot

App researcher Nima Owji posted a screenshot detailing the feature, which the social media giant is reportedly referring to as “Twitter Hiring.” According to the screenshot, Twitter describes the feature as a way for verified organizations to attract talent to their open positions. Verified organizations will be able to add up to five jobs positions to their profiles.

The screenshot also indicates that Twitter will allow verified organizations to import all of their open jobs to the platform by connecting to a supported ATS or XML feed, which would allow them to add their listings to Twitter in minutes.

The move doesn’t come as a complete surprise, given that Twitter owner Elon Musk hinted at the feature back in May. After a user had suggested that Twitter should implement dating features, Musk responded: “Interesting idea, maybe jobs too.”

With this new feature, Twitter is looking to take on popular companies like LinkedIn and Indeed. It’s worth noting that Twitter purchased a job-matching tech startup called Laskie in May, which was the company’s first acquisition since Musk purchased the app. It’s possible that the acquisition helped the social media giant develop and ship the feature.

It appears that verified organizations won’t have to pay extra to access the job postings feature. Media company Workweek got access to the job postings feature, and its CEO Adam Ryan says the feature is included in Twitter’s $1,000 per month Verified for Organizations package.

Although Twitter users already post job postings on the platform via tweets, the new functionality could help companies easily reach candidates across the platform’s widespread user base.

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