Podcast Script: The Dark Web

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Podcast Script: The Dark Web

PODCAST VO SCRIPT, [unpublished]

Haje: The dark web is a lot of things; particularly user-friendly ain’t one of them. The other day, I got an amazing tip about ‘Dark Web Gift Shop,’ which tries to at least give you a little bit of a reward for your struggles.

Haje: The founders say that:

[AI generated voice]: The Dark Web is kind of a hassle to get to, so we think visitors should leave with a souvenir.

Haje: That… is actually completely hilarious to me, so I can’t really even argue with them. The site sells tote bags, t-shirts and some random other tat.

Haje: If you want to visit the site, download the Tor browser. Open Tor. Hit the Connect button. Wait until the network finally connects. Then type in the following, easy-to-remember domain.

[AI generated voice]: Oscar Mike Four Mike Bravo Uniform Lima Zulu Three Alfa Quebec Two Tango Zulu India Five Romeo Hotel Romeo Sierra Foxtrot Papa Quebec Alfa Charlie Whiskey November Juliet Five Five Two November Five Seven Hotel Sierra Mike Seven India X-ray Five Bravo Alfa Mike Juliet Romeo Alfa Whiskey Papa Golf Six Three Charlie Golf Quebec Delta dot onion slash home slash.

Haje: Good luck. Have fun.

(AI generated voices courtesy of Descript)

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