ChatGPT expands its ‘custom instructions’ feature to free users

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ChatGPT expands its 'custom instructions' feature to free users

OpenAI announced that it’s expanding custom instructions — a way to give users more control over how ChatGPT responds — to all users, including those on the free tier of the service. The feature, which was first unveiled in July as a beta for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, allows users to add various preferences and requirements that they want the AI chatbot to consider when responding.

The feature can save users time, so they don’t have to rewrite the same instruction prompts every time they interact with the chatbot, as TechCrunch previously explained.

For example, you could ask ChatGPT to keep its answers to a specific character count or customize the tone of the response it provides.

With the feature’s July debut, OpenAI also offered an example of a teacher using ChatGPT to create a lesson plan would no longer have to constantly repeat that they teach 3rd grade to receive an appropriately customized response.

Meanwhile, developers using the feature could ask the chatbot to provide responses in languages they prefer — or eliminate those they don’t.

“Through our conversations with users across 22 countries, we’ve deepened our understanding of the essential role steerability plays in enabling our models to effectively reflect the diverse contexts and unique needs of each person,” the company earlier said.

However, until this week, custom instructions were limited to those who pay for a ChatGPT Plus subscription at a cost of $20 per month. Now, the option will be opened up to free and Plus users alike, including on iOS and Android. In addition, custom instructions can now be used even with chat history turned off, OpenAI notes.

To use custom instructions, you first click on your name and then select “Custom instructions” to get started.

The feature will expand across the EU and U.K. soon, the company says.

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