iPhone camera app Obscura releases a new version with iPad support

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iPhone camera app Obscura releases a new version with iPad support

Obscura, the iPhone camera app for pro users, has released a new major version called Obscura 4 with support for the iPad. It also brings new features, such as dual reticule mode to have different points on the viewfinder for focus and exposure.

Ben McCarthy, the developer of the app, launched the first version in 2015 just after Apple released the manual camera API at WWDC 2014. It was followed by the second version in 2018.

While Obscura 3 was released just last year with a redesigned interface, McCarthy decided to release a new version to switch to a freemium model. Also, instead of releasing a separate app like with previous releases, they decided to simply update the Obscura 3 app, so people who purchased that version could also benefit from it.

Obscura 4 still retains most of the elements from the previous version, which made it easy to shoot images or videos while holding the phone with one hand. The exposure wheel now has 1/3 stop increments with satisfying haptic feedback.

Exposure control on Obscura 4

Image Credits: Obsucra.camera

The app also has a cleaned-up quick settings menu with better labeling options. There is a new button to access the photo library in one tap directly from the main camera screen. You can drag your finger out from that icon to quickly go through some recent shots without leaving the main interface.

McCarthy has also neatly placed image details below a photo in a floating card so the information doesn’t cover it. You can always swipe up to see more details.

The new version retains premium features such as RAW and ProRAW image formats, 48-megapixel capture, filters, histogram, alternative aspect ratio captures, themes, live photo mode, portrait mode and custom app icons. It also adds new features like dual reticule mode, which lets you pick different points on the viewfinder for focus and exposure, as well as exposure clipping highlighting that shows under or over-exposed areas of the viewfinder.

New image detail screen on Obscura

Image Credits: Obsucra.camera

Obscura 4 is free to download and use with features like the exposure dial and manual photo mode. Users can pay $9.99 per year to unlock all features. People already using the Obscura 3 app with an Extra level subscription can upgrade to Ultra for just $4.99 for the first year.

McCarthy’s app directly competes with the likes of Proton — a new app by the makers of Camera+ — and the popular Halide app. However, Obscura is comparatively cheaper than both apps.

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