Ring’s new Pet Tag accessory helps reunite lost pets with their owners

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Ring's new Pet Tag accessory helps reunite lost pets with their owners

Amazon-owned Ring is launching a new Pet Tag accessory that is designed to help reunite lost pets with their owners, the company announced on Wednesday. The accessory essentially puts a QR code on your pet’s collar that can be scanned in order to help get them back home if they are ever lost.

Once scanned, the QR code notifies you that your lost pet’s tag has been scanned. Scanning the QR code will display the information that you have logged in your Pet Profile, such as health conditions, that can help someone who may find your pet best understand your pet’s immediate needs.

Ring's new Pet Tag

Image Credits: Ring

If you have opted in to the “Contact Me” feature via your pet’s Pet Profile, the person who finds your pet can engage in two-way communication with you to facilitate the return of your pet.

It’s worth noting that the Pet Tag doesn’t have any GPS features, so the accessory alone can’t be used to geolocate a lost pet. The Pet Tag instead essentially replaces a pet collar that lists your personal information in order to get in contact with whoever finds your pet. But, traditional pet collars could put your privacy at risk since they list your personal information. The Pet Tag shields your number and other information. It also lets you provide additional information that wouldn’t typically fit on a standard pet collar, like your pet’s health conditions.

The Pet Tag is available to preorder for $9.99 in the United States starting today at Ring.com and Amazon.com, and will begin shipping to customers on October 4.

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