85% of EU citizens want more political action against disinformation

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The fight against “fake news” appears to have overwhelming support in the EU.

According to a new study, 85% of the bloc’s citizens want policymakers to take more action against disinformation, while 89% want increased efforts from platform operators. Just 7% do not feel that stronger responses are required.

The findings emerged from surveys by Bertelsmann Stiftung, a pro-business German think tank with close ties to the EU.

Across the EU, 54% of respondents said they were “often” or “very often” unsure whether information they found online was true. However, only 44% of them had recently fact-checked the content they’d seen. 

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Younger and more educated people were more likely to take active response to false information. Those in favour of combating disinformation tended to be further to the political left.

Table showing responses to false information (EU-wide and by country).