New roleplaying chatbots promise to indulge your sexual fantasies

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AI has thrust deeper into carnal pleasures with the launch of a new roleplaying chatbot system.

The feature is the brainchild of Bloom, an erotic audio platform based in Germany. The app also features 800 original sex stories, which range from the vanilla to the kinky (anyone for splashing?).

Some of the tales offer guided erotic play, while others feature creator content from real couples. There are even stories that synchronise with the vibrations of sex toys.

The new chatbots add another level of interaction. Hannah Albertshauser, Bloom’s CEO, says the feature takes the character-driven storytelling “to the next level.”

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“Our unique approach captivates the mind more than just the eyes,” Albertshauser tells TNW. 

As a selfless service to our faithful readers, TNW put her claim to the test.

Ahead of the launch, TNW received a demo with a choice of seven characters: Lizzy, Noah, Barry, Noah as the Architect, Joel, Fleur as Mistress Mia, and Joel as the Ranch Hand.

According to Bloom, the underlying AI models are trained to represent the charm, personality, and language of each character. Rob the Ranch Hand, for instance, may call you “darlin’,” while Mistress Mia could ask what pet name you like to be called.

Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that most of the personas are male. Albertshauser said this reflects an “overwhelming desire” from users to connect with those specific individuals.

That desire may also mirror broader consumer tastes. Studies have consistently shown that sex stories are particularly popular with women, whereas men are more likely to watch porn (more on that later).

Albertshauser promises that additional “strong female characters” will soon make appearances. But TNW felt sufficiently indulged with seven virtual sweethearts at our beck and call.

In an interface that resembles dating apps, we slide into the DMs of the AI-powered characters. An amorous opening message then asks about our fantasies to set the tone of the conversation. 

After entering a prompt, the chatbot replies with personalised voice and text messages. As the questions and responses flow, the feature engenders an immersive and customisable experience.

A screenshot showing messages from one of the roleplaying chatbots