The Most Impressive Highlights From The Cardano Development Report

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Behind the scenes, Cardano (ADA) has been actively building and introducing exciting innovations to its blockchain and ecosystem. This is evident in the latest weekly development report shared by Essential Cardano.  

Cardano: Highlights From The Report

One of the notable highlights from the report includes the updates being made to Cardano’s Lace wallet. This week, the team is said to have worked on a feature that allows users to choose the delegate ratio between “different stake pools, integrated portfolio persistence.” The team has also fixed issues relating to the User Experience (UI). 

The wallet launched earlier this year to a welcoming reception, with many excited about its functionalities and the multiple use cases it provided to users. Upon launch, the development team promised to continue introducing new updates to the wallet.

The report also indicates that users could get an update on the DApp connector, allowing them to enable it with selected extensions “such as those listed on CIP-95.” An update to the wallet’s UI reflecting the different types of governance actions is also imminent. 

Meanwhile, the Plutus tools team identified key issues relating to the Cardano blockchain using the new Marconi API. Marconi was developed to help index and query the blockchain. The team also used this solution to test the new “Cardano-node-emulator”, which is expected to be integrated into the blockchain’s smart contract code. 

While at this, the Plutus tools team made certain optimizations to Marconi, which improved synchronization times and the system’s overall performance. 

ADA market cap currently at $8.8 billion. Chart:

The Marlowe team was also busy this week, making specific adjustments to the Marlowe oracle. Marlowe is the code which allows Cardano users to create decentralized applications (dApps) that are specifically designed for financial contracts

Updates To Basho And Preparation For Voltaire

The Hydra and Mithril teams focused on updating Cardano’s current development stage, Basho. The Basho era is the fourth stage of Cardano’s development, primarily focusing on scaling and interoperability. 

On one hand, the Hydra team worked on improving the network’s usability and identified ways to enhance the network’s resilience. On the other hand, the Mithril team released a new update which allows support for certain actions on the network. They also made corrections in the Mithril nodes.

Cardano is also gearing up for when it moves to the last and final development stage known as Voltaire. This stage will be focused on governance. The Voltaire GovTool was shared with ADA holders as part of its preparations.

It will enable them to register as delegate representatives (DReps), allow them to delegate their voting power to other DReps and decide on several governance actions. 

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